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Boosie Calls Michael B Jordan A SIMP For Wifing Up Lori Harvey After Everybody Hit That

By Daniel Clauson / Published on Thursday, 18 Feb 2021 17:53 PM / 15 Comments / 4 views

here we go.

15 thoughts on “Boosie Calls Michael B Jordan A SIMP For Wifing Up Lori Harvey After Everybody Hit That”

  1. Does she have kids? If not she may be young enough to be redeemable… but that’s up to her level of awareness.

  2. Wow. I thought M. Jordan was an international alpha male. I expected him to wife up an unknown woman from another country. Megan Markle married
    a member of Britain's royal family and convinced him to renounce his crown. Just sayin'.

  3. Celebrities are more red pill than average ppl..good point. They understand social class and how looks play a major role in their status. & The average woman is stuck on accepting basic attraction/dating such as being offended if she’s encouraged to lose weight or work on her feminine side.

  4. Ciara and her husband are equally compatible. He was divorced, and was with a non-Black, while Ciara was with duties. But very good point how plain women will look at them and think it is okay to do it.

  5. But why do some of y’all assume that women are just sleeping around with a dude she dating. Where is the physical evidence that she actually slept with any of these dudes? why do some of you think it’s impossible for women to date a dude and not have sex with them? Have y’all ever been a woman? I guarantee you have not. It’s possible that maybe y’all just want us to be fucking out here for nothing? Maybe she’s doing all this dating to see who she wants to settle down with or whatever that doesn’t mean she needs to be fucking every single one of them. At the end of the day I feel a woman just need to step back from men who disrespect women in general then maybe y’all will get your shit together.

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