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Black Panther Wakanda Forever Michael B. Jordan Avoids Marvel Return Questions

By Mirella Hale / Published on Saturday, 22 May 2021 17:53 PM / 15 Comments / 48 views

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15 thoughts on “Black Panther Wakanda Forever Michael B. Jordan Avoids Marvel Return Questions”

  1. He coming back i can feel it Disney knows thats the only person that can take that mantel and not disrespect. The BlackPanther Legacy

  2. I don't expect Michael B Jordan to answer any questions, in regards to Black Panther Wakanda Forever. Ik excited to see what they do, but not recasting T'Challa, might prove to be a mistake, but I hope things work out.


  3. That a good idea. It would be inte to see Michael B. Jordan return to Black Panther : Wakanda Forever

  4. I haven't read the Black Panther comics much, can he be Black Panther without being king?

  5. First let shuri take the mantle for a bit of the movie, whilst showing Eric survived and is being taught the ways of Wakanda (Forever!!) redemption arc. Then he becomes BP and beats the new Big Bad That shuri needed help with

  6. i wouldnt feel comfortable questioning him on it so much to be honest. he lost a good friend and now everybody is asking if he would replace his role.

  7. So the bad guy who wanted to kill all white people is the guy we want to cheer for instead of recasting Ta’Challa and finishing his story? Garbage

  8. why film endgame (革命精神) and Black Panther (家國情壞)so success on China ~ different cultures ~ Core revolutionary spirits by 20's 40's Africans and overseas & inner Chinese 受壓逼族群

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