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By Harold Thomas / Published on Saturday, 19 Jun 2021 21:19 PM / 20 Comments / 93 views

Jeffree Star’s Magic Star concealer and setting powder ranges aren’t out yet, but someone has already been selling them online from PR kits sent out by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Was Bethany Mota behind it?!

(Spoiler: no, she wasn’t, so let’s investigate the real culprit!)


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Jeffree Star’s channel:
Jeffree Star’s “My Concealer Line Was Stolen & Leaked ($2.5 Million of Makeup Hijacked)”:
Tea By Ali’s channel:
Ashlye Kyle’s channel:


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  1. The notification for this never came in. Just now seeing this. Dang! Honey, you need to be a detective dear. Or a private investigator.

  2. I haven't heard Bethany's name in ages. I completely forgot about her. Hopefully she can take some action against the person who is selling the items. Sounds like Poshmark needs to be doing a bit more to prevent stuff like this.

  3. I remember a few months ago Tati mentioned in a video that she was receiving emails asking her to verify her new address. So this whole someone is stealing PR packages is not surprising. Companies need to up their security and verification processes. Also the phone number that's being used is probably from a burner phone so unless the location is turned on then the phone may be an unregistered prepaid phone and hard to trace.

  4. Some time ago I watched a TED Talk by an agent who investigated fake products and black market. In addition to organized crime, people seem quite happy to fund terrorist strikes. I mean everyone starts panicking about Isis, but in reality people will happily fund their strikes by buying fake stuff and all that.

  5. Another excellent video from you, my darling friend – and I had no clue about the dirty cops and bent judges, either, let alone the human trafficking side of things. It's truly horrible when you think about it. Thank you for letting us all know about this. Love you always xxxxxx

  6. That Moment you stop your casual sim house build to Watch Elle work her magic! Careful, This Tea is HOT!

  7. What I REALLY want to know is how the hell do you get the blood sugar and alien pallets in the SIMS?!?!

  8. Where as I agree with you that some (if not a lot) of blackmarket sales may go to nefarious purposes like drugs trafficking etc, as wrong as it maybe there are a lot of people just trying to support themselves/ their families. I am not justifying their actions and it’s clear cut that this specific example is not just someone trying to survive in an immoral way. I do think it’s ignorant and irresponsible to say black market sales are “all about funding drugs and gangs”. I’m sure it was a general statement not meant to be taken literally but I’m sure some people will take it as fact. Criticism of that single thought aside this was a great video that was well produced. I appreciate how much detail you put into building each setting. And as a whole I love your content. I want everything explained to me by sims forever.

  9. Every time I watch your videos, I feel like you're talking to me, even though it's your sim doing it. It is so cool! Great video, btw. 🙂

  10. Every time I watch your videos, I feel like you're talking to me, even though it's your sim doing it. It is so cool! Great video, btw. 🙂

  11. another brilliant video! thank you! love the sims aspect, being a fellow simmer 😀 quite refreshing to

  12. Another great and informative video! I think most people don't understand how black market works and how the money is used.

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