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Best Proposals You Cant Say No To !

By Nicolas Brown / Published on Tuesday, 30 Mar 2021 12:54 PM / 23 Comments / 61 views

Azzyland – Best Proposals You Cant Say No To ! These are some of the greatest proposals I have ever seen. Use any of these methods for proposing and your chances of getting a yes go up by’s true we did the science here. Don’t forget to leave a like!

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23 thoughts on “Best Proposals You Cant Say No To !”

  1. Let's be real…while the ring pop is amazing it would be a nightmare to carry around and accessorize your outfits with it on a daily basis.

  2. Azzy is so cute , so emotional and also she is sick but still makes videos

    Love you and I hope you get better

  3. Azzy I'm sorry I'm late but I'm really worried if u see this can u tell me what's wrong are you sick or why is your voice like that

  4. Hello to Azzy. May be your larynx got injured?
    Do you watch tv? There is a show that I watch called Tacoma Fd. They had a show where this girls larynx got hurt.
    It's a comedy about fire fighters.
    I enjoy watching your videos. ")

  5. Oh my gosh she literally has changed so much no offence but I kind of don't like it I think you're better before no offence I'm really trying not to be mean

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