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'Being The Ricardos' – Sneak Peek | Amazon Original

By Charla Picklesimer / Published on Saturday, 06 Aug 2022 16:21 PM / 2 Comments / 2 views

How will Lucille and Desi navigate out of this?! Here’s the first 2 minutes of ‘Being The Ricardos’, written and directed by #AaronSorkin and starring #NicoleKidman, #JavierBardem. Coming to Prime Video December 21.

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2 thoughts on “'Being The Ricardos' – Sneak Peek | Amazon Original”

  1. Passing on this. Lucy had a wide eye Beauty that Nicole's strange Botox filled face doesn't capture. The guy playing Desi is even further off the mark! Lucie Arnaz went for names prob hoping it would stir more quid at box office, huge Miss.

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