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Ashton Kutcher vs. Bucky Lasek, Nelly Furtado & Hayden Panettiere | Punk'd

By Luz Strayhorn / Published on Thursday, 25 Feb 2021 16:55 PM / 15 Comments / 191 views

Pro skater Bucky Lasek gets an indecent proposal, Nelly Furtado discovers a suspicious package, and Hayden Panettiere gets caught in a domestic dispute.

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15 thoughts on “Ashton Kutcher vs. Bucky Lasek, Nelly Furtado & Hayden Panettiere | Punk'd”

  1. I remember Nelly Furtado when we used to listen to her in the car back when I was in my pre school days and they would play her song with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland good times

  2. Ashley owe in Kutch er // she has vd are what I have to tell my Bro if something see yall play to much,

  3. Bro y’all really need to upload All Aaliyahs footage unscene and Her diary and TRL appearances it’s the 20th year she’s been away from us give the fans something.

  4. bruh hearing hayden says she’s seventeen and is crazy bc now she is thirty and has a kid of her own.. i use to watch all her bring it on movies when i was young and now i’m eighteen crazy how time flies

  5. The first guy Bucky was so jealous, even from the beginning of the bit!! And he was still mad when he found out he got punked ,,, seemed to have a big ego.

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