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Armwrestling: Kendall Jenner VS Khloe Kardashian #shorts

By Sasha Hardin / Published on Tuesday, 20 Apr 2021 00:55 AM / 2 Comments / 53 views

Kendall Jenner and Khole Kardashian Armwrestling Match.



2 thoughts on “Armwrestling: Kendall Jenner VS Khloe Kardashian #shorts”

  1. I wished so much, there would be so many more serious sleeveless arm wrestling match videos between two female celebrities like actresses or sportswomen and athletes.
    For example, unfortunately until today, I couldn't get a video version of that 2002 recorded match between Dannii Minogue and Jenny Frost, that was hosted by also sleeveless flexing Fearne Cotton WITH sound :-(((
    So if you're able to finally upload that with all their talking, please don't wait all too long to let me know here.
    Thx so much !
    From germany.
    Celebrity female armwrestling's big fan.

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