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06:05 – I Almost Killed iJustine with My Dogs…
11:05 – iJustine’s Family in Pennsylvania
13:26 – Crazy Man Yelling At His Wife Story
17:08 – What did you learn from your parents that you wish others did too?
18:46 – iJustine Origin Story
29:26 – DJ Set for My Dog
34:24 – Do you feel the weight of being a woman in the Tech world?
37:21 – What was Justine’s first impression of Phil?
41:17 – If you were starting on YouTube now, what would you do differently?
43:23 – Three years left to live, what are you doing differently?
46:28 – My pig is my child, you can’t have him.
51:43 – One sentence tagline for your life
58:54 – Why won’t you have a public relationship ever again?
1:01:13 – Fat shamed on my own podcast
1:02:30 – What are your three biggest pet peeves?
1:06:51 – TikTok Discussion
1:09:28 – iJustine was the 103 person on Instagram
1:14:26 – Dealing with how kids interact with the internet
1:19:10 – The Social Dilemma convo
1:22:26 – YouTube thumbnails
1:23:53 – OnlyFans
1:26:08 – PS5 Pre-Order vs Xbox
1:32:09 – What should someone buy if they’re only spending $600?
1:38:08 – ‘Collab, Watch, Kick Off The Site’ Game
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Edited by:
William Crespo

Executive Producer:
Amanda Morones –

Art Director & Motion Graphics Artist:
Brian Borst –

Production & Photography:
Zack Taylor –

Production Team: Luke Manning

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