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Anne Hathaway has played some memorable characters in her acting career. Anne Hathaway was recently on the Rupaul Drag Race and she was asked by one of the contestants if she ever had to fought hard for a role. Anne Hathaway revealed she wasn’t the first choice or the second but the ninth choice for the lead in The Devil Wears Prada. Anne Hathaway really wanted to play this character so she didn’t take it personally not being the first choice for this role. Luckily for us fans of the book she played this character so well that the movie is a cult classic that’s remembered by fans. Some of the other actresses for this role were Rachel McAdams, Claire Danes and Juliette Lewis. We don’t know who else was asked to play this role. Someone who doesn’t get enough credit from this film is Emily Blunt who many fans of the movie would say stole every scene she was in.
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