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By Elizabeth Ochoa / Published on Tuesday, 18 May 2021 15:58 PM / 12 Comments / 51 views


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  1. All I ask is for every person on Earth to listen to at least 3 Angelina performances each day for a week. The vast majority of those who do will join the legion of angels and feel the quality of the life has been improved dramatically.

  2. Angelina being and singing Angelina, she will be very hard to follow in the future. Just saying. Thumbs up sir.

  3. Heal the world is her most recent one. Came out about 2 weeks ago. Definitely worth checking out. But you have to see bohemian rhapsody that she did at the AGT the champions. Her biggest preformence yet. Even queen tweeted her preformence and wrote "wow what a rendition". So if theres any song you wanna do its that one. She olso did yellow brick road and someone you love wich is really good. And she did them in that order.
    Also one of my favorites is all of me (john legend) she absolutely murders that song and i think she even did a better job then the original…

  4. Please, react to the Angelina's own arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody by QUEEN, performed at "America Got Talent the Champions" , and her cover of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John, at the same contestó.

  5. I'd rather go blind is phenomenal. It's an Etta James song she gives great justice to. Gloomy Sunday a Billie Holiday cover♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. Thank you for your heartfelt reaction to Angelina. Your response was as expected. The feeling of peace, praise, and love for a young girl whose Talent is through the roof cannot be measured.

    Angelina's fans have loved her since she was a small child. She has an incredible history. She began singing at one and a half years old and by the age of three was listening to jazz and the classics on repeat, singing along and absorbing styles and techniques. She is a true prodigy.

    Norwegian born Angelina won Norway's Got Talent at the age of 8 years old singing Old Time classic songs that are unheard of in a child that age. Singing Billie Holliday and George Gershwin, she became the youngest ever winner of an international Got Talent Show!

    Since that time, up to her present age of 15, she has recorded over 135 songs which you can find on Rusty Shackleford's homepage on YouTube. It is a chronological list beginning at age 6, her first time in the studio. List consists mostly of cover songs, and approximately half a dozen originals which were introduced over the past year or two.

    It's not just about her voice, but the emotion and attitude she conveys through her music, even if she has not experienced the events personally! She is also known as the barefoot princess of 1,000 voices as she can adjust her tone, style, and register as desired for any song or artist she covers.

    Why do we love Angelina? It is because her soul is as pure as her Talent. She is humble, compassionate, and filled with empathy for her fellow man and for the world. Her stated goal from childhood was to sing for the world and spread love and peace to make the world better. How can you not embrace her?

    When she was 6 years old, she was in the Middle East with her mom and grandmother and they came across a young orphan girl with no shoes and scarred feet. Angelina gave the girl her own shoes and promised she would never again wear shoes while performing until all children of the world had shoes! At age 9 she wrote a book about this experience, Between two Hearts, and became the youngest ever published author in Norway.

    So again, how and why do we love Angelina? It is self-evident. Reactors and new listeners from all over the world have been introduced to her, or have been following her for years, and are now more than just casual observers. They have become dedicated fans to support her as we do. You cannot follow Angelina without developing an emotional attachment.

    I hope you continue to react to Angelina and her loyal fans will flock to your channel and subscribe in anticipation.
    Welcome to this rabbit hole from which you can never escape, nor would you want to. Peace.

  7. Just a quick correction. The name of the song is all I ask, not all I want. It is named incorrectly on your title. Loved the reaction otherwise.

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