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Angelina Jolie Feared for Her Family's Safety After Split From Brad Pitt | E! News

By Leonard Thomas / Published on Saturday, 04 Sep 2021 21:18 PM / 11 Comments / 29 views

The “Maleficent” actress opens up to “The Guardian” about her family struggle and fears during her marriage to ex-husband Brad Pitt.


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11 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie Feared for Her Family's Safety After Split From Brad Pitt | E! News”

  1. She is really going through a lot and despite this she is still actually working with the new movie out.
    She's so strong. It's not easy

  2. Wait I thought she was scared for her family, her whole family? Wtf? She’s nuts. She can’t ever find her own man and she’s a terrible actress – girl interrupted was a great movie but a million people could have played her role. Not sure why anyone thinks she’s formidable, genuine or compassionate. Its selective at best

  3. Angelina is making Brad out to be an abuser. What teenager and parent haven't gotten into it? Sometimes it gets out of hand but that's life. I don't condone violence in anyway.

  4. I'm disappointed in most, if not all of the comments on here. How is no one thinking that the stuff she's saying could be truth? None of us were in their relationship and if she's claiming there had been any kind of abuse empathy should be for her not him. And you guys saying she's lying because she's speaking out and he's not is so backwards. Brad has been in Hollywood for eons of course he knows if he doesn't speak out you guys will side with him.
    I'm not saying I'm sure she's telling the truth, but with the world is right now I think we need to stop trying to silence people who are brave enough to speak out

  5. Maddox gave great reviews for once upon a time in Hollywood . Watch the Oscars press . He has no bad blood for now with pitt .

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