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By Isabel Dodson / Published on Tuesday, 06 Apr 2021 18:55 PM / 18 Comments / 11 views

Amber Heard is Ordered to pay over $21 K in Legal Fees To Johnny Depp’s Legal Team as per Court’s Order !!

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  1. I’m glad she got a judge who’s willing to do his job correctly and not willing to side with Amber because of connections. Karma has come for Amber and she’s just getting started

  2. Thank you so much for this Rob this so amazing that AH has to pay legal fees for JohnnyDepp team it's so great

  3. It's great to see that the judge in Virginia is not putting up with Amber's sh*%#t. The is teaching her lesson. The more you keep fliing this bunch of paper you are going to have pay for everyone time that they have to work on the case. Justice for Johnny

  4. This is US court system based on evidence ,facts and Justice , ,unlike UK system based on corruption and bribe.

  5. I don't think she will pay it . She Will probably say she has no money to pay or something like that . I don't know if it's possible or not cause I don't know the law in the USA but in Brasil in a civil case , it can happen .

  6. Sooner or later, the payback is not inevitable for her. And paying with money is the easiest thing for her.

  7. I think the first time the proof of payment was asked for the chla was before the U.K. trial. I only remember bc the next day Kaplan quit as her attorney

  8. Maybe this has something to do with all the insults and hate on her Twitter/Instagram page lately. Aw, poor baby.

  9. Thank you Rob, this is good news. Of course she will not be happy, she expects everyone else to pay, but not her. Never her. She could sell her Mera costume to help with the bill… it clearly belongs in the used pile. Looking forward to more videos like this ❤️

  10. But Amber is crying it's not fair since her fees were cut in half when she was awarded sanctions against Johnny so his sanctions against her should also be cut. Lol! They want a completely itemized list and I hope Ben gives it to them. I hope he submits all the extra stuff he didn't charge for the first time like printing, faxing, all the mundane office work involved in the filing that is still a cost incurred that he never passed on. I hope he puts in his hourly rates since he submitted his fees at HER documented rates (from when Amber won sanctions) since his fees are higher. I hope the Judge also allows him to submit costs associated with having to itemize everything since SHE is demanding it be itemized and the court accepted his submission the way it was so all this work itemizing is because she demanded it so she can pay for that on top of the sanctions. And I hope the final bill is more than what was originally asked for, even if it's a couple hundred more, I hope it's more, lol!

  11. The awarded amount of days have passed, now we have to wonder if the fees were paid. (My guess, is not…) She's going to end up with a warrant for her arrest.

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