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Amber Heard CAUGHT FAKING Evidence! | This Is a HUGE For Johnny Depp!

By Kathleen Bailey / Published on Wednesday, 21 Jul 2021 23:18 PM / 18 Comments / 20 views

Amber Heard is caught again staging evidence against Johnny Depp

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18 thoughts on “Amber Heard CAUGHT FAKING Evidence! | This Is a HUGE For Johnny Depp!”

  1. Those pics look more like an accident than a 'trashed apartment'? Is a piece of fallen lint a 'catastrophe' to these people? But again, I can see why The Sun got off as they were taking Amber at face value, and believed her evidence and all. Should journalism and news 'take sides'? Ever since Cronkite editorialized on Viet Nam, we expect reporters to have some opinion on all the news they had to report on. Was The Sun too hasty in taking it's side – YES! Then again, this is a pair of Hollywood actors compared to powerful politician or royalty. Had Queen Liz said this about Phillip or Hilary Clinton said this about Bill – would The Sun be so rash to exploit and take sides? NO! Or, they'd be MUCH more tactful in their approach. So yes, I think it's cruel that a tabloid like The Sun can treat 'celebrities' like royalty in their coverage, but not feel responsible to them in having any scruples or integrity to 'the meat' of the article.

  2. Justice for Johnny And punishment for Amber. Wake up Warner brothers Main reason for being a bunch of hypocrites

  3. I’m confused. So if they’re saying the pictures were taken after the cops left, why does it look like there is day light shining into the windows on the pics? Are they talking about the first cops that came by or the one with the body cams bc they went there at night from what it looked like on the video.

  4. Seems to me the judge and Rupert Murdoch all have a serious thing for A.H. believing anything coming out of her treacherous little mouth. She is nothing but a liar, and an abuser.

  5. No hiding for her now that's why she has tried to get them to throw it out because she know the American courts can't be bribe by her this time and she knows deep down its over and she will not win

  6. Her friends staged evidence? Wow…that's news to me! Not! I can't understand what they think defending her will get them…or maybe she has something on them that she may use if they don't!

  7. Conveniently, the pics were taken after the 2nd set of cops left whom didn't get tour thru house. What a coincidence, no mess anywhere else, like they testified, just on steps, and altercated , to boot .

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