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Amazon MUST HAVES you need for 2021! | Bethany Mota

By Leonard Donnell / Published on Monday, 01 Mar 2021 11:55 AM / 6 Comments / 209 views

here’s the list of my faves 🙂

Light Up Makeup Mirror:

Makeup Brush Cleaner tool:

Makeup Sponges (Beauty Blender Dupe):

Youth to the people cleanser:

Rectangle Sunglasses:

Oversized Zip Up Hoodie:

Gold Jewelry Tray:

Himalayan Salt Shot glasses:

Electric Hand Frother:

Verilux Happy Light:

Cloud Magnetic Key Holder:

Cereal Dispenser:

Silk Pillowcase:

Toothbrush Holder/Dispenser:

*this is not sponsored I just love amazon lol*

6 thoughts on “Amazon MUST HAVES you need for 2021! | Bethany Mota”

  1. Please put your old videos back you were the only person I went hardcore Stan for plsss I bought your whole aero collection and watched all your videos I had pics of you in my room in middle school I’d do anything to watch your old videos!!

  2. i think you should re upload your old videos beth, they were my comfort when i was having a bad day &’ to many others too 🙁 or atleast make a new channel for those specific videos

  3. Bethany mota was literally one of the first “youtubers” I ever saw before youtubers were a thing

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