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Alissa Violet RESPONDS To Jake Paul Reconciliation Rumors!

By Patrick Gould / Published on Wednesday, 12 May 2021 02:54 AM / 16 Comments / 42 views

Just when I thought 2020 couldn’t get any more 2020… it did! Jake Paul is shooting his shot with ex- Alissa Violet and now rumors are swirling they’re getting back together. Let’s get into it! Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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16 thoughts on “Alissa Violet RESPONDS To Jake Paul Reconciliation Rumors!”

  1. Alissa will go back to him no problem! She likes the fame that’s why she slept around in the first place to get their! Just because she has followers money etc! She slept with another person to get famous

  2. I don’t know why everyone mad I am actually happy to go back to 2016 and I absolutely adore them mostly Alissa

  3. lets be honest here,she does deserves better than this wannabe chad,but what i see is she sucked her way to the fame,,so whatever she does,its her own choice.She is defo wasted product already,too much COOM eating for clout..

  4. I was watching one of Alissa’s video when she went to a psychic and said psychic told her that “she’ll rekindle with someone you’ve been with before” uhmmm

  5. Y'all know Jake could've made one of his friends call him but changed their name, as far as I know Alissa would never go back to Jake who beat her up after they broke up

  6. Omg y’all remember when Alissa went to a fortune teller saying someone from her past life is coming back !!

  7. 2021 actually feels like 2016 cuh the president election between Hillary Clinton and trump
    Was messy
    And now

  8. Now, wait. If he is spitting on and roughing up women, where's the "me too" crowd? Why hasn't this guy gotten himself cancelled completely?

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