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Alexis Ren's Life Changing Quotes | @Motivation Mantra | Daily Motivation Mantra

By Jesus Smallwood / Published on Thursday, 30 Sep 2021 00:20 AM / No Comments / 21 views

Famous Quotes of Alexis Ren | Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!
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00:00 People think I don’t have substance and I’m just another pretty face. – Alexis Ren
00:24 I love to show off my body, and I feel like I earned it. – Alexis Ren
00:41 I overworked myself to a point of malnourishment. – Alexis Ren
00:57 I love documentaries and TED talks. – Alexis Ren
01:14 I was my worst critic ever. – Alexis Ren
01:31 Lighting is everything in order to get the ‘perfect’ selfie. – Alexis Ren
01:47 I love being challenged, goofing off, and lots of passion. – Alexis Ren
02:04 Mid-morning is a good time for selfies because of the natural light. – Alexis Ren
02:21 I’m proud of how strong and capable my body is. – Alexis Ren
02:37 Chemically, if you are not happy, your body will not look or be happy. – Alexis Ren
02:54 I love creating art, whether it’s with photos, my own body, or clothes. – Alexis Ren
03:11 For my bikinis, the smaller the better. That’s how I’ve always been. – Alexis Ren
03:28 I don’t like tan lines, and I work out a lot. – Alexis Ren
03:44 I don’t tan my face, ever, because I don’t want sun spots. – Alexis Ren
04:01 I was home-schooled my entire life and never been in a classroom. – Alexis Ren
04:18 I’ve gone through a lot as far as health. – Alexis Ren
04:34 It’s not healthy to ever put someone first before yourself. – Alexis Ren
04:51 I hate when people say I Photoshop myself. – Alexis Ren
05:08 I felt like my body was the only reason why people liked me. – Alexis Ren
05:24 I have nothing to hide. – Alexis Ren
05:41 I’m very ambitious when it comes to business. – Alexis Ren
05:58 The idea of being a designer is always something that has intrigued me. – Alexis Ren


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Hi, all ! Welcome to this unique channel on YT which is dedicated to invaluable life changing quotes. These quotes gave me energy to keep moving during my difficult times. I hope these quotes videos does the same with yours.

Stay Motivated @Motivation Mantra .

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