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AEW has signed Mark Wahlberg!

By Marisol Parker / Published on Saturday, 06 Nov 2021 10:20 AM / 1 Comment / 50 views

One thought on “AEW has signed Mark Wahlberg!”

  1. What I don't understand even more with these people is why would Punk and Bryan get the ratings up for AEW when they couldn't do it in WWE. I know you're a Bryan fan but the fact that he never got the ratings up for WWE is undeniable. Same goes for CM Punk. If Brock Lesnar signed for AEW tommorrow and was appearing on Dynamite every week the ratings would definitely go up for a few weeks because he's a natural draw at this point. But after a few weeks after people realise he's not actually doing anything of note the ratings would go down again. I believe you said this before. Hall, Nash and Hogan are not the reason Nitro was beating Raw. The nWo STORYLINE with Hall, Nash and Hogan is the reason why Nitro was beating Raw. Imagine if after nWo was formed Hogan was just fighting a new jobber every week like Punk is doing now.

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