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Aaron Sorkin on Being the Ricardos, How He Writes & What Happened with Houdini and Ocean of Storms

By Jose Villarreal / Published on Saturday, 15 Jan 2022 04:21 AM / 2 Comments / 12 views

With Being the Ricardos now playing in select theaters and streaming on Prime Video, I recently got to speak with writer-director Aaron Sorkin about making his latest film. As a huge fan of his work, I went in with a million questions, and thankfully, he was game to talk about everything. Since I had fifteen minutes, I started out asking about what happened with his Houdini musical that he was set to do with Danny Elfman, how he got involved working with Warren Beatty on Ocean of Storms, and then asked his thoughts on doing a Social Network sequel dealing with what’s happened since the first film came out.

However, the main reason I got to speak with him was for Being the Ricardos, and we spent plenty of time talking about how he figured out the story, how he made the film in 38 days, how long it took him to bring up Total Recall or Robocop when Ronny Cox was on set, how he decided to use the flash-forwards in the movie, how he figures out a solution when he’s stuck on something, and more.

If you haven’t seen the trailers, Being the Ricardos dramatizes an intense week for Lucille and Desi as they enter production on an episode of their hit sitcom I Love Lucy in 1952 — from the table read to the taping — while off-screen drama threatens to engulf their personal lives.

Since this is Aaron Sorkin, I’m offering the interview two ways: you can either watch what he had to say in the player above or you can read the transcript below. Being the Ricardos is now playing on Prime Video and it’s definitely worth your time, especially if you’re an I Love Lucy fan.

Read the transcript on Collider here:


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