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$65 Million Tent – SURVIVAL CHALLENGE !

By Leonard Thomas / Published on Thursday, 01 Jul 2021 23:18 PM / 19 Comments / 11 views

Azzyland – $65 Million Tent – SURVIVAL CHALLENGE !

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19 thoughts on “$65 Million Tent – SURVIVAL CHALLENGE !”

  1. me: already lives in the desert

    i see how canyons can be cool to people but im bored of them
    glad you had fun tho KLJFDSL

  2. That alien tho lol

    And a sneak peek of her bf but I'm still waiting for azzy to introduce us

  3. The only reason why I liked this video is so when the aliens come to attack I will be friends with them and not die :3 also I love your vids too

  4. She is so pretty
    Me:I wish I was her
    Her:aww thank you I bet you look so pretty too!
    Me:no I don’t jk I think I do look pretty people say I do so I guess I am!

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