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25 Actors Who Directed Themselves In Movies

By James King / Published on Tuesday, 30 Mar 2021 03:53 AM / 24 Comments / 62 views

25 Times Actors Directed Themselves In Movies

Directing a film is no easy effort. The ability to helm legendary pictures like Citizen Kane and Iron Man is daunting to say the very least. Coordinating with the cinematographers, all the acting crew and various departments with the studio on your back is certainly a full time gig.

Being an Actor is just as difficult. Not only do you have to have the full script memorized, you have to survive up to 14 hour days where you are expected to keep your energy as sharp as a tact to portray iconic characters like Hamlet or parodies of others like Yoda.

The ability to somehow find the mental capacity to handle both occupations in a single shoot? Now that’s crazy. That being said, this has happened before from some of the greatest actors alive like Orson Welles, Tom Hanks, Charlie Chaplin and Angelina Jolie just to name a few. Not only do the actors handle directing themselves, but oftentimes they are also met with critical acclaim come awards season with people like Denzel Washington Academy Awards, Golden Globes and even Tony Awards for the same script.

So please if you will, join us as we examine twenty five times that stars decided to take the plunge into directing themselves in movies. Here we have a look at some interesting behind the scene factoids and anecdotes that occurred in some of the most challenging movies to ever be put on film.

0:00 Intro
0:31 Jon Favreau – Iron Man
1:06 Orson Welles – Citizen Kane
1:57 Sylvester Stallone – Rocky Franchise
2:48 Ben Safdie – Good Time
3:22 Tyler Perry – The Madea Films
3:48 Kenneth Branagh – Hamlet
4:24 Taika Waititi – What We Do In The Shadows
5:00 Brie Larson – Unicorn Store
5:27 Alfred Hitchcock – Psycho
6:01 Bradley Cooper – A Star In Born
6:31 Kevin Smith – Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
6:55 Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator
7:40 Mel Brooks – Spaceballs
8:18 John Krasinski – A Quiet Place
8:49 Clint Eastwood – Unforgiven
9:16 Seth Macfarlane – Ted
9:52 Angelina Jolie – By The Sea
10:20 Ben Stiller – Tropic Thunder
10:53 Denzel Washington – Fences
11:23 Quentin Tarantino – Pulp Fiction
11:53 Elizabeth Banks – Charlie’s Angels
12:15 Kevin Costner – Dances With Wolves
13:06 Mel Gibson – Braveheart
13:50 William Shatner – Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
14:25 Tom Hanks – Larry Crowne

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24 thoughts on “25 Actors Who Directed Themselves In Movies”

  1. Would Hamilton count for the list? Lin-Manuel Miranda, wrote, stared, and Directed the play which was turned into a movie.

  2. How could you not include Leonard Nimoy in this list? His time in the director's chair was far more successful.

  3. Ryan George is the only reason anyone subscribes to this channel. Either let him make Pitch Meeting on his own channel, or stop wasting time with the other people on this channel. Especially get rid of the guy who won't consistently pronounce T's in his scripts.

  4. Before watching this I'd like to mention the great Tommy Wiseau. He did it all, directing, producing, acting (if you can call it that)… Lol

  5. And On Television we got showrunners directing themselves in their own TV projects like Mike Judge in Beavis and Butthead

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